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Do you have a fishing story?

If you have been fishing for as long as we have, you probably have a story that we can all relate to. Maybe it's a special moment shared with your grandfather, or some force of nature you witnessed while out on the water. Perhaps it was the one that got away?

We want to hear your stories and share them with the rest of the Deep Thoughts community. Make us smile, laugh, cry or shake our heads. We will post the stories on Instagram and here on the Blog. If you can include a photo all the better!

Send your fishing stories and photos to We want to hear from you! All of you!

Pictured is my son's first bass. We were at a campground with a small fishing pond. I am certain that every one of the fish in that pond had been caught several (if not hundreds of) times and my hopes were not high. But I saw this fish race towards my son's plastic worm and somehow he set the hook by waving the rod around in a circle. All the other dads, who had been resigned to targeting sunfish, were completely shocked.

My son thought fishing was a piece of cake after that, but it took him four years to catch another bass this size!

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