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Fishing for Instagram Influencers

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

There are a million articles out there about how to get your new product known. Most popular are budgeting marketing dollars for Google AdWords and Facebook. Not far behind those techniques is to "hire" an Instagram influencer. For the cost of free gear (and sometimes fees for generated website traffic and sales), you can get your products in front of thousands of people in your target market who would not normally see your products in their everyday lives.

Through the course of our Instagram activities, we interacted with two IG users whom we decided to team up with to market our products. The first, @massbassing, is a young man in our home state of Massachusetts who has an obvious love for the sport of fishing. He commented on one of our posts, which led to a conversation about repping our line. We saw that he had only been on Instagram for less than a week, yet he had over 300 followers. We saw his potential for rapid growth within the IG fishing community and he hasn't disappointed. Now, with over 4K followers, he often goes out of his way to squeeze in an hour or two of fishing with our gear just to provide us with content.

The second influencer is @tippecanoefishing (6.5K followers). Made up of three young all-American guys from the Midwest, they take a teaching approach to their Instagram feed. They share our love for the outdoors, respect for nature and a belief that fishing is the perfect way to establish these attributes in kids. They like the philosophical approach that we put behind our products and are eager to put our name out there. Deep Thoughts gear is en route to the Tippecanoe crew in Minnesota to and we are excited about the prospects!

Although we are still unsure about how many average fishermen use Instagram, we know that our products and brand name will be seen by thousands in the near future. We feel it will provide a good foundation for word-of-mouth marketing once the ball gets rolling.

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