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A Tribute to the Sunfish

We would like to pay homage to the species of fish that got most of us hooked (pun intended) on fishing. It's the fish we seek when we introduce our nieces, nephews, sons and daughters to this awesome outdoor activity of fishing. We're talking about sunfish, of course. Some may call them bluegills, pumpkinseeds or bream. Whatever you like to call them, they're always willing to bite at your offering and come back for more. Worms, flies, jigs, spinners, jerkbaits...even bread and popcorn...all catch sunnies. You can find 'em in nearly any freshwater pond and it's easy to look like a hero when your little pals hook their first catch.

It's nearly impossible to look at a freshly caught sunfish and not stand in awe of its rich blue and orange color pattern. How often do you see these colors in nature's creatures?

Sunfish are responsible for countless fishing memories for the young and old, so we decided to honor this often overlooked freshwater sportfish with a fresh-looking t-shirt. We are happy and proud to introduce our "Sunny Day" tee for kids. If you know of a kid with fish on the mind, this tee is sure to become his/her favorite fishing shirt. Because no matter what the weather, when you’re catching these beautiful critters, it’s always a sunny day.

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