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2019 Fishing Goals

The recent winter warmup here in New England already has me thinking of those first freshwater casts of the season. It smelled and sounded like spring today in the 50+ degree temperatures. And I saw my first robin, which didn't happen until early April last year...a sign that Punxsatawney Phil might be on his game this year!

So I took a moment to jot down what I would like to accomplish in 2019. Here goes:

1. Fish at least 5 new bodies of water

2. Catch a catfish

3. Catch a carp

4. Catch a 5+ pound largemouth bass

5. Put my son on his first trout

6. Put my son on his first keeper striped bass

7. Start a fishing log

8. Plan a tuna fishing trip (it's been 10 years)

On paper, all look achievable. Maybe I'll recap the list at the end of the year?

Feel free to comment on my goals and/or share goals of your own!

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