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  • Todd K.

Deep Thoughts Apparel During Covid-19

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Unprecedented times indeed. Every one of us has been affected by the widespread coronavirus. We hope that you are staying safe and remaining as positive as can be.

We thank those individuals who are on the front lines, putting themselves at risk to care for the sick, manufacture and deliver supplies to essential businesses, or even ring up groceries at the supermarket. You are the ones keeping our country running right now.

We know that consumer habits will change. We know that money will be spent more on necessities and less on non-necessities such as t-shirts and hats. So...what to do in the face of such a negative outlook?

As a professional poker player once told me, when the table is checking, that's when you bet. Our 2020 line of new fishing hats and tees, held in limbo since outbreak, will release, albeit a few months behind schedule. We refuse give up on the future just because the present is so dire. We sincerely hope that our new hats, tees and hoodies will bring some kind of joy and/or gratification to a few of you out there once they become available. More to come as the release date approaches.

In the meantime, keep fishing, and take a kid with you while you're at it!

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