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Take a Kid Fishing

Bonding with Fish

If you're like us, you grew up with nature as your playground. We would often leave the house in the morning to meet up with friends and neighbors, and knew to be back by dinnertime. Classic games like tag and hide & seek were popular, as were sports such as football, street hockey and stickball. Even just exploring on your bike could fill up an entire day. For us, those bike rides often ended up at the town park, which included a stocked trout pond and a stream that could be followed for miles on foot. Those long, lazy summer days were anything but dull when we stepped outside our doors. Not only that, we often saw something so cool and memorable during those adventures that we still talk about them today. 

In today's world there are far more available activities for kids to choose from. Many of them, as you know, involve some sort of screen. Without getting too preachy or sounding like old curmudgeons ("in my day..."), we simply want to tout the benefits of getting kids outside. It gets them off the screens, connects them to and helps develop a respect for nature, and gives them a chance to see and experience something memorable and enriching. 

In our humble opinion, fishing is the single best way for kids to experience the outdoors. The joy and exhilaration when they catch those first fish is something they'll never forget. Often times that feeling will stick, and you'll have a kid who begs you to take him or her fishing as often as possible. And just like that you're making memories together.

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