Navigating Through Fishing Apparel Brands

Navigating Through Fishing Apparel Brands

As we embarked on this journey to establish a lifestyle fishing apparel brand, we quickly realized that there are quite a few companies doing nearly the same thing as us. We say "nearly" because Deep Thoughts Designs is constantly striving to separate itself from the competition. Customers shopping for a fishing tee or hat have a wide variety of brands to choose from. Companies like Salty Crew and Southern Tide do a great job of capturing a fishing/coastal state of mind with their products. Even Life is Good has a number of cool fishing lifestyle tees and hats...and they are mission-based like us. Then there's Salt Life, Fish Hippie and a number of brands in the performance category such as Aftco, Simms, Hook & Tackle, and Huk Gear.

Like the Life is Good brand, we donate a portion of profits to a cause that we believe strongly about. That cause is helping underprivileged kids get outside to experience the joys of fishing. The C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation does a tremendous job with this and we are proud to be affiliated with them.

Our designs have a vintage aesthetic, often slightly faded or distressed. We print our designs only on higher-end soft ringspun cotton or cotton blend fabrics, and we use a wide range of colors. For example, our flagship striped bass design is available in white, grey, light blue, navy blue, royal blue, slate and green.

Like Salt Life and Southern Tide, we try to capture a feeling with our tees and hats. The sport of fishing has provided us countless memories and positive experiences as it has to so many others. We try to pay homage to this awesome outdoor activity with designs that celebrate the beauty of the sportfish we pursue. Whether it's our vintage designs or our link to a fishing charity, we hope that Deep Thoughts Designs stands out when customers gift shop for fishermen in their life.

Below are some of our favorite fishing brands separated into loose categories. Feel free to add a comment about your favorite fishing brands and why you like them.

Coastal Lifestyle

Deep Thoughts Designs, Southern Tide, Jetty Life, Vineyard Vines, Salt Life, Salty Crew, Guy Harvey, On the Water, White Marlie, Wears Woody, Cape Cloth

Vintage Style / Hipster Influence

Deep Thoughts Designs, Fish Hippie, Dead Drift, Salty Crew


Aftco, Columbia PFG, Huk, Hook & Tackle, Grundens, Scales, Simms

Deep Water

Pelagic, Avid Gear, Deep Ocean


Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines

General Fishing

BassPro, Cabelas

Fly Fishing

Orvis, Simms, Dead Drift


Deep Thoughts Designs, Patagonia, Life is Good

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