About Us

kids fishing together

Deep Thoughts Designs is a mission-based brand of lifestyle fishing apparel with a vintage style. We use only premium materials for our apparel and we strive to be original with everything we make. Our hope is to create a community of thoughtful fishing and outdoor enthusiasts who support our brand and our belief that kids, more than ever, need to get outside...and one of the absolute best ways to do that is to introduce them to fishing.

Over the years, fishing has given us more positive memories and experiences than we can count. It's never about the fish that are caught but the enjoyment we get from being outside, spending time with family and friends, and anticipating the next bite with each cast. Fishing has been responsible for connecting us to the outdoors and giving us an awe and appreciation for Mother Nature.

We realize that many kids out there today do not have the opportunity that we had as kids to get outside and enjoy the sport of fishing. That is why we have teamed up with a non-profit organization called C.A.S.T. for Kids, whose goal is to expose children, who may not otherwise get the opportunity, to the sport of fishing and the enjoyment of the outdoors. A portion of every sale is donated to C.A.S.T for Kids. We encourage you to visit castforkids.org to see the incredible number of smiles that they are responsible for generating and perhaps get involved yourself.